Finding the Path to Mobile Maturity

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Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing sponsored by Adobe

For many companies, their first foray into mobile was creating a stripped down, non-responsive version of the company website for mobile phones with poor web browsers, and proudly proclaiming they had an enterprise mobile strategy. We all might sheepishly laugh at that bit of naiveté now, but who among us truly understood just how transformative mobile was going to become to the customer journey, and therefore to our businesses?

While we can now all admit that mobile has proven much bigger than we thought it was going to be, this new research from Econsultancy and Adobe proves that we still seem to be lagging behind the mobile revolution in creation of proper mobile strategies. For example, only 13% of companies describe themselves as being “mobile-first” – with most organizations indicating they are still playing catch-up. Additionally, just 36% of companies agree they have a mobile strategy compared to 45% who disagree.

Many organizations we’ve talked to are also still battling with the challenges created by mobile on a number of fronts, whether debating the merits of a responsive website or working out whether their apps are actually helping to achieve their business objectives.

But what is clear from this report, is the extent to which marketing efforts across owned, earned and paid media are impacted by mobile. Mobile isn’t a single channel or silo that can be treated in isolation. Rather, consumer behavior on smartphones and tablets needs to be borne in mind when we are considering a whole raft of tactics – from website optimization and app development, to email marketing and paid search implementation.

Mark Phibbs Vice President, EMEA Marketing Adobe 

Download the PDF to see statistically the shift of mobile.